Budget jitters

While I’m glad we’ve avoided the kind of meltdown in California and now, apparently, Arizona, I’m feeling some jitters reading this budget.
Lots of ‘kicking it downstairs” action for starters.
The whole thing feels kinda hinky. (pdf here)
If you want some dry text and fast numbers read the money report. Brutal and, like I said, not quite plumb somehow.
Sorry to be vague, but it’s a lot to read.

Oh noes! NC has the lowest business tax burden in the country.

Those commies over at Ernst & Young have put the state – yes, this one here – at the bottom of the list in terms of local and state business tax burden.
This tragic turn of events will ruin the well-honed talking points of the state’s heroic radio talk show hosts and make it even harder for the legislature to balance this budget. Now they’ll have to entertain the notion that perhaps a tax loophole or two should go along with the myriad of cuts to health care and programs that serve the lower and middle classes.( Talk about burdensome.)
The study also shows that since 2002, only three other states have asked businesses to pay a lower share of state tax increases. Translated that means individuals, through income and sales taxes have paid more than 60 cents out of every dollar of new revenue.