Center for Civil Rights releases report on Halifax schools

The UNC Center for Civil Rights just released a report on segregation in schools (and more) in Halifax County, one of the state’s poorer places.

From the exec summary:

The county’s three districts — Halifax County Public Schools (HCPS), Weldon City Schools (WCS) and Roanoke Rapids Graded School District (RRGSD) — remain among the most segregated in the state and are tainted by the ongoing impacts of the legacy of Jim Crow segregation. By maintaining this tripartite system, Halifax County and the state more deeply entrench racial segregation in the community, limit the educational resources available to students based on their race, cause irreparable harm to the academic opportunities for all children in the county, and stunt the economic viability of the region.

How segregated?
The center’s Mark Dorosin, in a recent N&O op-ed, lays out these numbers:

In a county that is 39 percent white, Halifax County and Weldon City schools are both almost 100 percent nonwhite, while the Roanoke Rapids school district is 73 percent white. The school districts’ poverty levels are similarly disparate: 89 percent free or reduced-price lunch eligibility in Halifax County and 95 percent in Weldon City, but only 51 percent in Roanoke Rapids.

The report is clear evidence not only of the legacy of Jim Crow but of the resurgence of segregation in the state’s schools.

Links (all pdf):
Executive Summary
Full Report