Ad alert NC-11

Here’s the hand-drawn, ultra sincere, scripture-based ad from Ethan Winfield, who is running in the westernmost NC-11, which after redistricting became a much more GOP leaning district.
This one is wonderfully tailored for the low information voter. The debt is immoral, sayeth the ad.

David Nir at the Great Orange Satan had this description of it:

Wingfield looks like a junior high student delivering a not-particularly-impressive presentation to his civics class. I’m truly blown away by it. And that’s even before he gets to the second page, which features a quote (again handwritten) from the Bible, which reads: “The borrower is slave to the lender.”

I should also point out that Wingfield’s biblical quote only includes the second half of the sentence in question. The first part says: “The rich rule over the poor.”