Shuler falls a few votes short

Depending on how your politics run, Shuler’s attempt to unseat Nancy Pelosi was either a principled stand, an attempt to send a message or a vainglorious waste of time. Either way, it failed.
In the aftermath Steny says nice things about Shuler and the incoming Minority Leader sets the record straight on what the election was about. Via The Hill:

After her victory, Pelosi forcefully shot down the notion that, by remaining leader, she was ignoring a message for change from the voters.

“The message we received from the American people was that they want a job – they want jobs,” the Speaker said. “Nine-and-a-half percent unemployment is a very tough screen to get through with any other message.”

The speaker’s skillz

Had a discussion late night about the Health Care Reform bill and Nancy Pelosi’s role in getting it through.
Not a lot of people seem to know her background. This WaPo story from when she became speaker is a good backgrounder.

Critics deride Pelosi, 66, for a presumed lightweight liberalism they attribute to her latter-day home in San Francisco. But her liberalism — and the keen political instincts and skill at the inside parry of the game — can be traced more deeply and more precisely back to Albemarle Street, to the political empire that grew there when her father held court through decades of an intensely political life.

Some folks not happy with Larry Kissell

Has NC gone to the dogs. You know, the blue dogs. There was some hope that that at least some of the people the netroots rallied around would play nice, but those hopes seem to be fading.
Larry Kissell has been taking some heat from people who backed him in both races over his reluctance on health care.
Howie Klein puts it rather bluntly in Have We Been Stabbed in the Back By Larry Kissell?

Next year, Kissell– who has a reputation as an abysmal fundraiser, and won’t get a dime from the netroots ever again– is being challenged by retired Army Col. Lou Huddleston. Huddleston and GOP front groups will call Kissell a Nancy Pelosi clone no matter how he votes and no matter what he does. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh fans are not going to vote for Larry Kissell. And if he follows through with his threats to vote against health care reform, neither will Democrats, just the way they didn’t come out to vote for Deeds in Virginia.