Serious guy

Here’s the RNC’s response to President Obama’s appearance at UNC-Chapel Hill yesterday.
The idea seems to be that Mitt Romney is serious and the president is not funny (thus the hashtag at the end).
The whole thing falls terribly flat and if it is an attempt to reach young people, well, it sure seems like some old dude dreamed it up.
We expect to quickly see serious ads about why it’s important to stay off of lawns or avoid dancing to that devil music. And if you kids don’t turn down that Walkman you’ll ruin your hearing.

Obama over Romney by 5 in NC

That’s the headline out of the new PPP poll.

Mitt Romney may have effectively wrapped up the GOP nomination with Rick Santorum’s withdrawal yesterday, but PPP’s newest North Carolina poll really shows how much Romney was hurt by the process with Barack Obama as the ultimate beneficiary.

President Obama now leads Romney by 5 points in North Carolina, 49-44. That’s the largest lead we’ve found for him in monthly polling dating back to November of 2010. Obama has a 51-38 advantage with independents and is particularly strong with women (54-39), African Americans (90-7), voters under 30 (61-33), and folks in the Triangle (60-33).