Kissell has a primary challenger

From the welcome page of Nancy Shakir for Congress:

Nancy is a mother of three, the grandmother of one, and a retired educator living in Fayetteville, NC. Ms Shakir graduated with a BA in History from Rutgers University and a MA in Education Administration from St. Peter’s Jesuit College. Born in Jersey City, NJ with roots in Fayetteville, she moved to North Carolina to be with her family.

Ms Shakir works as a community activist to make the world a better place for her children. Nancy has written opinion editorials for the Fayetteville Observer where she served as a member of the Community Advisory Board. Nancy hosts a local cable TV show with the Cumberland County Progressives, mentors young children with the Great Oak Mentoring Program, serves on the Board of Directors for the Gilbert Theater and is active with the Fayetteville Peace with Justice Committee.

Nancy is running for Congress because she sees the need for jobs, education, and medical care. Ms Shakir is very disappointed by the voting record of our current representative, particularly on the issue of healthcare and keeping people in their homes. Nancy understands the value of hard work and the hardships workers often face. As a retired school administrator, much of her work experience has included work as a laundry presser, waitress, cashier, various temp and clerical jobs, market recruiter for a major corporation and director of a community based organization.

Nancy’s vocation and advocation has always been on behalf of our workers, our young, our veterans, our people with disabilities and our elderly. She looks forward to working for you in Congress.

To volunteer for the campaign send an email to info(at)

Highlights of filing

Pretty interesting first day. The pdf link to the filings is on this page.
A few filings and some competitive races already shaping up in the U.S. House delegation.
Larry Kissell has GOP and LIB competition.

In the state legislature, not a lot of surprises. Margaret Dickson is running in Senate District 19, but given that she’s going to be able to run as the incumbent, that makes sense.
Four-way Dem primary already in Senate District 21.
Andrew Brock is getting primaried in Senate District 24

Some folks not happy with Larry Kissell

Has NC gone to the dogs. You know, the blue dogs. There was some hope that that at least some of the people the netroots rallied around would play nice, but those hopes seem to be fading.
Larry Kissell has been taking some heat from people who backed him in both races over his reluctance on health care.
Howie Klein puts it rather bluntly in Have We Been Stabbed in the Back By Larry Kissell?

Next year, Kissell– who has a reputation as an abysmal fundraiser, and won’t get a dime from the netroots ever again– is being challenged by retired Army Col. Lou Huddleston. Huddleston and GOP front groups will call Kissell a Nancy Pelosi clone no matter how he votes and no matter what he does. Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh fans are not going to vote for Larry Kissell. And if he follows through with his threats to vote against health care reform, neither will Democrats, just the way they didn’t come out to vote for Deeds in Virginia.