Shuler falls a few votes short

Depending on how your politics run, Shuler’s attempt to unseat Nancy Pelosi was either a principled stand, an attempt to send a message or a vainglorious waste of time. Either way, it failed.
In the aftermath Steny says nice things about Shuler and the incoming Minority Leader sets the record straight on what the election was about. Via The Hill:

After her victory, Pelosi forcefully shot down the notion that, by remaining leader, she was ignoring a message for change from the voters.

“The message we received from the American people was that they want a job – they want jobs,” the Speaker said. “Nine-and-a-half percent unemployment is a very tough screen to get through with any other message.”

Shuler discusses run against Pelosi

The loneliness of the long distance blue dog.

Not an awful article, but I hate these 20,000 foot views of politics in the NC. Here’s some textbook insipid:

North Carolina’s curious politics are on full display in Mr. Shuler’s district, which is wedged into the state’s mountainous western corner. It includes the heavily Democratic city of Asheville, home to yoga studios and holistic medicine centers, as well as staunchly conservative hamlets scattered throughout the Blue Ridge Mountains.

You know, because nothing says ‘Democrat’ like a yoga studio.

Meanwhile, Shuler admits he doesn’t have the votes, but said he’d rather vote for himself if given no alternative.
He’s being really modest about it, too.

“I don’t know how I can be any clearer,” Shuler replied. “I can do as good a job as anybody in the U.S. Congress, because I can actually bring people together.”

‘Cause he’s special.