BCBSNC Blowback

A sizable number of legislators are asking for a probe of Blue Cross Blue Shield’s efforts against the public option.

As a corporation that claims to deliver innovative health care products and services to its members, BlueCross BlueShield appears to be engaging in a blatant political campaign utilizing the premiums paid by their customers. Even if there is no apparent violation of existing statutes, we think this is bad public policy that deserves further scrutiny.

In addition to mailings and robo calls, you may remember this WaPo story on a planned TV campaign.
Talking Points Memo gets confirmation of an inquiry.

But the probe the lawmakers are calling for appears to be underway already. “We received an inquiry from the AG’s office a couple weeks ago,” about whether the campaign violated laws, Lew Borman, a spokesman for BCBS of North Carolina, told TPMmuckraker. “We don’t believe we broke any laws,” Borman added.

Facing South has a wrap up and some backstory.

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