Super PAC makes major buy in NC-13

The Super PAC supporting George Holding that has been running ads against Paul Coble in the NC-13 GOP primary has made another major ad media buy. A filing late this week with the FEC shows that The American Foundations Committee has ponied up for a $137K media buy to run more anti-Coble ads.

Here’s the filing from the FEC:

Red Sea LLC
4550 Montgomery Ave #906N
Bethesda, Maryland 20814

Purpose of Expenditure: Media Purchase
Name of Federal Candidate supported or opposed by expenditure: PAUL COBLE
Candidate ID: H2NC13128
Office Sought: House of Representatives
State is North Carolina in District 13
Date Expended = 04/10/2012
Person Completing Form: David Satterfield
Date Signed = 04/12/2012
Amount Expended = $137340.00

In case you’re wondering about the PACs funding a filing on Friday shows that the PAC’s contributors are mostly people with the Holding family name.
Here are the links to the full report and the contributor list.