Stop the cap on muni wireless

Good old backscratching-payback-whathaveyou in the NC Senate.
Stop the Cap is on this and has some very good questions to bring up with your elected representatives:

We need you to again write and call your legislators. We have been told by numerous sources that your input has been very effective in pushing back S1209. The more North Carolina consumers speak out against this anti-consumer bill, the less likely it will ever become law.

Here are the points you need to raise in your next letter or phone call:

1. Why is the legislature still spending time on this unnecessary, anti-consumer legislation? S1209 is wanted by large phone and cable companies. You want your town or city to have every option open to deliver better service if a consensus is reached for it in your community. The current system already provides effective checks and balances. We don’t need S1209.
2. Studying broadband issues is fine, but placing a moratorium on municipal broadband projects in the meantime is completely unacceptable.
3. Corning’s plant in Hickory, North Carolina produces 40 percent of the world’s supply of fiber optic cable. Passing S1209 impedes fiber projects in North Carolina, hurting our own workers and state economy.
4. North Carolina needs all the broadband expansion it can get. We are ranked 41st out of 50 states. Passing S1209 preserves mediocre broadband service in our state indefinitely.

Unless we want to just go ahead an build a broadband aristocracy.