The Gathering Storm comes to NC

Here’s what we have to look forward to in the next year if the move to put the Gay People Can’t Marry amendment on the ballot passes. This is a National Organization for Marriage ad. You may notice that the background resembles what they run on the Weather Channel during a tropical storm update. Suddenly you are very afraid of whatever these people are talking about. It makes me nervous, too. Don’t these folks have somewhere to go in this storm. Shouldn’t they be in the basement or something? Or maybe a closet?

Needless to say, the ad invited a few responses.

A little gospel

Members of the Legislative Black Caucus singing an impromptu gospel song at this week’s NAACP rally at the North Carolina General Assembly on May 24, 2011

What’s going on at UNC-TV?

Yes! Weekly is reporting that Eszter Vajda has been fired.
No reason given, according to the report.

LL has been on this story plenty and has an interesting post at IHT called Alcoa: UNC-TV tries to unring the bell

More background and an interview with the researcher paid $3,000 by former House speaker Richard Morgan here.

It’s pretty clear that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes here. I’d say UNC-TV has about twenty-eight seconds to get out in front of this thing. If that.

Alcoa has already made public a draft review by three UNC J-School professors. From the preface:

The professors were asked to provide their collective opinion on whether the series met universally accepted standards of journalism and whether they would have accepted the segments for broadcast.
The request originated with Tom Howe, director and general manager of UNC-TV. However,
Mr. Howe later informed the professors that he wanted to postpone the review of the series. As a result, the draft memorandum was never issued. However, given the unfounded and damaging claims about Alcoa contained in the UNC-TV report, we believe it is important that the entire report be made public.
The attached draft memorandum was provided by UNC to Alcoa’s attorney in response to a public records request. Alcoa is solely responsible for the decision to distribute the draft memorandum further.

Morning Post: Oh dear we are that gullible

Hello? Pigford anyone?
Here’s your Media Matters timeline on the recent stoopid.
I mean really. How reactionary can the media get?
Yes, a boy in a runaway balloon is a big story. But this recent episode rose to the cabinet level very quickly without much question.
Actually, there were a lot of questions about this bad media actor’s past work and nobody paid attention to it. Now, maybe they should.
At least until the next shark attack or runaway balloon.
One big question I have is where were all those editors and reporters who understood the deeper context of discrimination by the USDA and, specifically, the black farmers’ lawsuit? There are dozens of people in media throughout the South who are familiar with the case. It’s taken days for that aspect of this story to surface. The case, by the way, may be settled but it’s far from over.
Also, you might wish to contemplate what Shirley Sherrod actually said. Here’s the link to the full video.

Water soon to be not wet

Yes. Lying is now so acceptable that hot is not just cold, it’s the coldest evah.

In three separate instances over two weeks, Sean Hannity has baselessly asserted that “this is one of the coldest years on record” to claim that climate change is a “hoax” or not “real.” In fact, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS), and Britain’s Met Office have stated that to date, 2009 is among the warmest years on record.

Really lame-O

Another Monday, another lame point/counterpoint in my Metro Daily Newspaper.
This week, the debate is over whether Joe Wilson was out of line when he shouted at the president 12 DAYS AGO(!).
Glad I didn’t wait for the O wise ones to enlighten me.