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Couple of interesting hearings on the list for today:
The Revenue Laws Study Committee tops the list of hearings this morning.
The 9:30 am meeting is in Rm 544 of the Legislative Office Building. Here’s the audio link.

The North Carolina Study Commission on Aging has been studying health care, guardianship and nursing home requirements. The 10 a.m. meeting is in Rm 643 LOB. Audio link.

The possibilities for a statewide bond on the ballot in 2008 have been at the core of discussions about how to pay for all the new school construction. The House Select Committee on Public School Construction meets in Rm 544 at 2 p.m. Audio link.

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From the hearings on the death penalty

From the hearings on the Death Penalty by the House Select Committee on Capital Punishment about as honest a pleas as you will hear. Shirley Burns talks about one son on death row who is due to be executed in less than two weeks and another son who was just murdered eight months ago. She asked the committee: How many of you have had to sit on both sides of the table?

I had to come to grips with myself. Where do I stand on the death penalty?

Audio: Shirley Burns

Had enough?

The delightful Howie Klein wrote in recently to let us know about some backyard political music making from Tom Maxwell and Ken Mosher of, er, Maxwell Mosher. The Pittsboro duo wrote a swinging number and Rickie Lee Jones added her voice and there you go. Nice.

If you’ve had enough here in N.C. and you want to support a local version of this ad pay a visit to Act Blue and, as Woody says, “Go where you go and do what you do.”

Atrios has a version on his site so you can let your imagination run wild.

Deep House

Gosh, another Mercury assignment has popped up–this time on the coast. So I still haven’t had a moment to recap the session. Dang. Until then, here’s a little number to keep you grooving.

Audio: HousingAround