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Ellmers, Fox, Burr and McHenry make the Dirty Air Villian list

The NRCD announced its list of legislators who “Voted Dirty” today in a new effort to highlight which members of congress are heroes or villains when it comes to air quality protection. North Carolina Senator Richard Burr and Representatives Renee Ellmers, Virginia Foxx and Patrick McHenry make the list.
The report details votes along with contributions from polluting industries as well.
Here’s the look-up page.

The budget that wasn’t

The omnibus budget bill failed yesterday evening after enough GOP members bolted to scuttle the deal. The deal, which would have kept the government in operation through next summer was derided as being strewn with earmarks and wasteful spending.
It’s the kind of rhetoric that works these days, but that view is far too oversimplified. Earmarks Bad! is an easy political slogan, but not all earmarks are created equal.
So, who lost out yesterday? From the list of the assembled requests from the NC delegation coastal residents lost in a big way as did, military families, researchers, rural residents and struggling cities.
A breakdown of the projects to follow.

Wednesday Morning Post: Dead Heat edition

New PPP poll has the Senate race in a dead heat.

“The North Carolina Senate race continues to look very competitive, with Richard Burr’s approval numbers hitting a record low and Elaine Marshall pulling within 2 points. Burr’s at 39% to 37% for Marshall and 7% for Libertarian Michael Beitler.

The main thing that’s changed since the last poll, when Burr led by 5, is that Marshall is shoring up her support from within the party. 65% of Democrats say they’ll vote for her, up from 57% a month ago. Burr continues to lead because of a 44-25 advantage with independents and because with 73% Republican support his party is more unified around him than Marshall’s is around her.”

Marshall posts something on Kos about it.

Say what?

Rassmussen, which always seems to skew a bit GOPish anyway, has Richard Burr with a 56 percent job approval rating. I’m not sure I’ve seen many politicians crack that for reals in NC in quite a while, let alone a one term incumbent Senator.
They’re also calling the Burr-Marshall race at 52-37.
The poll is based on likely voters, which could eliminate the new voters signed up during the presidential race depending on the criteria.
The number I’d really like to see is name recognition.
How many people really know who their Senators are?