Bills filed January 30

List of bills filled as of today with several brand new as of this morning including Cardcheck, 540 route, and a bill to prevent NC from setting up an insurance exchange.


H1 Temporary House Rules. H 01/09/2013 Adopted
H2 Honor Representative Wainwright. H 01/30/2013 Filed
H3 Honor Representative Larry Brown. H 01/30/2013 Filed
H4 UI Fund Solvency & Program Changes. H 01/30/2013 Filed
H5 Temporary Funding Extension for Group Homes. H 01/30/2013 Filed
H6 NC Right to Work/Secret Ballot Amendments. H 01/30/2013 Filed
H7 Eugenics Compensation Program. H 01/30/2013 Filed
H8 Eminent Domain. H 01/30/2013 Filed
H9 Speaker/Pro Tem Term Limits. H 01/30/2013 Filed
H10 Remove Route Restriction for NC 540 Loop. H 01/30/2013 Filed
S1 Senate Permanent Rules. S 01/09/2013 Adopted
S2 Adjournment Resolution. R 01/09/2013 Ch. Res 2013-1
S3 Western Crime Lab Funds/Amend Evidence Laws. S 01/30/2013 Filed
S4 No N.C. Exchange/No Medicaid Expansion. S 01/30/2013 Filed