Saturday Morning Post

Crazy week in NC politics. Crazy.
The scrambling continues after Bev Perdue’s announcement. Lt. Guv Walter Dalton is in because, as someone said, that’s what Lt. Guvs do. Bill Faison is fixing to run as well.
Both gentlemen need to step up and state their positions on the marriage amendment as does everyone planning to get into the race. One thing Perdue’s decision did was guarantee a lot more voters at the polls during the primary. That changes the equation for the marriage amendment vote, which would have taken place when the primary was almost exclusively a Republican event. Now, with soon-to-announce Pat McCrory looking like he’s avoided a serious primary challenge and the likelihood that Romney will break Newt in Florida, there’s a significant shift of energy toward Dems in the primary. If Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx gets in the race that energy level will rise even higher because it will draw in significant numbers of urban African-American voters. U.S. Rep Brad Miller is also being encouraged to consider a run.

Here’s a couple of NC links for the am on this lovely day:
Shuler? Anyone?
– The NAACP national leadership is going to be on Jones Street on February 11 for HKonJ.
Howard Coble says he’s running again
– Rep. Larry Pittman, who was recently appointed to fill a vacant seat, says he’d like to bring back public hangings and includes abortion doctors with the folk he’d string up;
– Via Progressive Pulse – Turns out Stephen LaRoque , co-sponsor of a recent pro-billboard bill, owns some billboards.