Morning Post – Jan 4

The quickie legislative session with a possible, maybe override of Gov. Bev Perdue’s veto of the bill that undid the Racial Justice Act is fixing to start so I wanted to get a few links and reads up.
Good thing to hold off until now. Already this morning the GOP presidential primary field has narrowed and the NC Democratic primary season got interesting.

Around here:
– Bill Faison remains coy after announcing he loaned himself a cool 500K.
What will the legislature do today anyway?
– Rev. Barber talks about the Racial Justice Act

Around the horn
– The woman who tried to rewrite, revise and otherwise destroy history is now herself history. So long, Rep. Bachmann. Have fun trying to win re-election.
Perry fakes out his own staff and stays in the race
– Newt’s all mad and stuff