Forrester fury

No doubt State Senator James Forrester will be playing the victim card any second now. The legislature’s chief proponent of amending the North Carolina constitution to restrict marriage and domestic partnerships has already been the target of those opposed to the amendment. Now, the Gaston County Republican appears to have handed amendment opponents a golden opportunity by padding his resume.

In a story yesterday on Pam Spaulding’s Blend blog, said that Forrester was not a fellow as he’s claimed and according to the organization’s officials he’s not even a member.

Now WRAL is on the story as is ThinkProgress. And since the about page on his campaign web site reads like a giant vita, expect a few more of Forrester’s achievements to get a closer look.

While the proponents of codifying discrimination may try to play this off as a distraction and a personal attack by the evil Gays, Forrester’s credentials actual are an important part of the debate. He used his medical resume to sell the amendment referendum in the legislature repeatedly claiming that there is medical evidence showing the dangers of homosexuality. Event though his argument was complete balderdash, the fact that a doctor was saying it gave it weight.
Forrester was recently given a chance to back up his claim on Michael Signorile’s radio show. He had a little trouble citing any studies.

This interview has to be heard to be believed: Forrester not only could not back up his claims with any evidence — after first trying to source the Centers for Disease Control, only to be debunked by me — but he actually acknowledged that he could be wrong. He eventually credited a Christian activist named Frank Turek (who is associated with Maggie Gallagher and the National Organization for Marriage) as his source of this bogus public health information.


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  1. g_whiz says:

    Ah what a world, to be able to base legislation on an irrational dislike and not have to have a shred of proof or an iota of credible information to do so.

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