What’s going on at UNC-TV?

Yes! Weekly is reporting that Eszter Vajda has been fired.
No reason given, according to the report.

LL has been on this story plenty and has an interesting post at IHT called Alcoa: UNC-TV tries to unring the bell

More background and an interview with the researcher paid $3,000 by former House speaker Richard Morgan here.

It’s pretty clear that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes here. I’d say UNC-TV has about twenty-eight seconds to get out in front of this thing. If that.

Alcoa has already made public a draft review by three UNC J-School professors. From the preface:

The professors were asked to provide their collective opinion on whether the series met universally accepted standards of journalism and whether they would have accepted the segments for broadcast.
The request originated with Tom Howe, director and general manager of UNC-TV. However,
Mr. Howe later informed the professors that he wanted to postpone the review of the series. As a result, the draft memorandum was never issued. However, given the unfounded and damaging claims about Alcoa contained in the UNC-TV report, we believe it is important that the entire report be made public.
The attached draft memorandum was provided by UNC to Alcoa’s attorney in response to a public records request. Alcoa is solely responsible for the decision to distribute the draft memorandum further.