Monday Morning Post: cooler weather edition

Someone probably came back from vacation last night and discovered they’d left the Sun on “oppressive.”
A reasonable 80 degrees this am. Sun is now set on “somewhat unbearable” for a few days, but it’ll seem like sweater weather compared to what we’ve been going through.
The people are very worried that the very rich will be faced with pre-2001 tax rates. Just ask the Wall Street Journal. (check out the chart and see how you will fare.)
Price and Myrick respectfully disagree about the Hezbollah on the border thing.
– Chris has the Monday numbers.
– Yes, it was hot.
– Also, meetings will be held. Notes will be taken.
Have a nice day.

Sunday Morning Post

Good morning. We’ve all gone mad from the heat.
Bloodnok: Ohh! Ohh! Oh! Oh! Oh! Seagoon, the heat!
Seagoon: Yes, the heat! Gad, it’s hot!
Bloodnok: Yes, it… It must be the heat!
Seagoon: Of course, the heat! [Laughs]
Bloodnok: It’s the hottest heat we’ve ever hot!

The Booted Gorilla Part One
Meanwhile, a few reads;
Mobile slaughterhouse = good thing (couple of graphic moments of course)
Fish kills along the Haw
– Roch’s breakdown of the new public records law (h/t Ed Cone)
Mountain feud comes to an end after 132 years.
Stay cool.

HIV epidemic in U.S. poverty centers

A new report from the CDC has pretty disturbing news about HIV rates in the U.S.

VIENNA — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention today released a first-of-its-kind analysis showing that 2.1 percent of heterosexuals living in high-poverty urban areas in the United States are infected with HIV. This analysis suggests that many low-income cities across the United States now have generalized HIV epidemics as defined by the United Nations Joint Program on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS).

The full report is not up yet, but it defines these high poverty urban centers as places where more than 20 percent of the population live below the poverty line.
As an FYI, in North Carolina as a whole almost 17 percent of the population is below the poverty line.

Saturday Morning Post

Good Golly that was a busy Friday. Sorry for the radio silence. Meanwhile;
– Hey, the Consumer’s Union says Blue Cross Blue Shield NC is sitting on a mound of cash. Here’s the CU Report.
– N&O – Students face tuition increases and paying for new insurance mandate
– Binker’s been covering the smoking ban appeal.
Joe Biden was in town for a Marshall fundraiser.
– Marshall’s launch of an investigation of sports agents gets a nod from N&R
– Via the Star News – Local lawmen want no part of illegal immigration dispute
Clip Link & Transcript from the CNN discussion with Rev. William Barber and John Tedesco (scroll a ways down.)
PHILLIPS: So, you’re saying that minority students have actually performed higher and they’ve done better through this integration program.
John Tedesco, what’s wrong with that? I mean, we should be busing black kids into white schools, white kids into black schools. We should be working on race relations. And when you get along and do well, you can’t help but have a better education and perform better in school.

Morning Post: Oh dear we are that gullible

Hello? Pigford anyone?
Here’s your Media Matters timeline on the recent stoopid.
I mean really. How reactionary can the media get?
Yes, a boy in a runaway balloon is a big story. But this recent episode rose to the cabinet level very quickly without much question.
Actually, there were a lot of questions about this bad media actor’s past work and nobody paid attention to it. Now, maybe they should.
At least until the next shark attack or runaway balloon.
One big question I have is where were all those editors and reporters who understood the deeper context of discrimination by the USDA and, specifically, the black farmers’ lawsuit? There are dozens of people in media throughout the South who are familiar with the case. It’s taken days for that aspect of this story to surface. The case, by the way, may be settled but it’s far from over.
Also, you might wish to contemplate what Shirley Sherrod actually said. Here’s the link to the full video.

Sorry doods

For all those folks trying to repackage all those Bush policies, like, say privatizing Social Security: it’s not going to make them any more appealing.
And adding “Now with Crazy!” to an already rejected product is not going to sell it any faster, either.