Really lame-O

Another Monday, another lame point/counterpoint in my Metro Daily Newspaper.
This week, the debate is over whether Joe Wilson was out of line when he shouted at the president 12 DAYS AGO(!).
Glad I didn’t wait for the O wise ones to enlighten me.

Contact made with rebels

Evidently, the major networks will have one-on-one interviews with the rebel leader Obama. Perhaps they will be able to pin him down on his socialist revolution to usurp rights from corporations and hand them to the teeming masses.

Why bother?

I used to say that under M. Sill the target reader for the N&O became the lonely commuter.
Now, I’m not sure what to make of it, especially on Monday when it looks like half of the paper (maybe more like 2/3 of some sections) has been an exercise in going through the motions.

Statement from Elaine Marshall

Via Thomas Mills:

Statement from Secretary of State Elaine Marshall:

“On Tuesday, I filed my papers to set up an Exploratory Committee for United States Senate. With unemployment at the highest level in decades, foreclosures continuing to increase and people still losing their healthcare, North Carolinians need experienced leaders who will get things done. I look forward to working with people across the state to build consensus and find solutions.

Our current Senator, Richard Burr, has spent 14 years in Washington. He supported the misguided policies that brought our economy to its knees and, now, he’s standing in the way of efforts to get us back on the right track. As a state, we deserve better.”

Marshall in Senate race

Secretary of State Elaine Marshall made it official today: She’ll run to unseat Richard Burr next year.

Marshall tried unsuccessfully to win the nomination and the chance to run against Liddy Dole in 2002. She joins Durham attorney Kenneth Lewis in having official declared a run for the Democratic nomination.

Town Hall breakdowns

After leaving Triple A ball in Raleigh and heading up to The Show, Mr. Beckwith pens his first major piece for Roll Call – a breakdown of the August of discontent (and wall-to-wall coverage).
Town Halls Go to Hell

Videos captured the harshest exchanges and loudest voices, with each day creating another Joe the Plumber whose moment in the sun started on C-SPAN and YouTube, percolated through the blogosphere and eventually burned out in an interview on a cable news channel.


In just a few short years my local metro daily has become tiny – the width is down, the sections collapsed or consolidated, ads have drifted to the front page or section page and it’s all blurbing and ‘read more about this on the web.’
Yet, with some frequency they still insist on devoting space on sharing insights on major Hollywood motion pictures, new TV shows and the latest adventure of Lady Gaga. They are boxed in by an old way of thinking, imagining that they still keep the fires of pop culture just as they insist on being the conduit of conventional political wisdom. The game remains very much one of delivering an assortment of wire stories deemed essential and interesting.
There continues to be good investigative work being done by good reporters and editors who will do so until the bitter end or they break down and take the buyout. But they have got to be thinking that rather than the standard bearers, they are now the odd birds in this mix – especially as each of them rotates through an obligatory cops shift or fills in to cover a beat that no long has no one assigned to it.
And it’s those smaller beats in the smaller towns that are falling away only to suddenly be covered again when something controversial, quirky or man-bites-dog comes along. Covering the day to day grind of local government and writing the diary of the life of a community has no place in the bottom line anymore. This is where I worry more about the loss of daylight.