Public Options

Interesting theme shift on the immediate horizon: no health care bill or a bad health care bill – the result of compromise after compromise with folks who, in the end, won’t even vote for their own compromise – is going to lead to massive Democratic loses in the 2010 cycle. On the other hand, a good bill will only cause heavy loses in 2010.
Unlike a weakened compromise, a good bill with a strong public option gives Dems a fighting chance and certainly gives a lot of people who voted for the first time or for the first time in a long time in 2008 a bigger reason to vote.
So, rather than see defeat on the other side’s terms, get a good bill, shore up your base and engage on your own turf.

Chris Bowers

The RNC sends out a press release attacking the co-op proposal. No one could have predicted that Republicans would also not agree to the co-op “compromise” proposal, either. Just like no one could predict that Republicans will still attack the health care bill once co-ops are dropped, too.

Digby on Charlie Cook’s take and the consequences

If Cook is right and the Dems maintain their majority while losing a bunch of these reactionary wingnuts, I couldn’t be happier. And the Democrat should be happy too because it means they can pass successful legislation for a change.

Nate Silver on some numbers and stuff

Is it possible that the electorate which is voting in November 2010 will be so down on the Democrats that they trust Republicans more on issues like these? Sure, it is possible — if the enthusiasm gap is wide enough, if Obama’s approval is low enough, if the health care debate has been bungled enough, and if the economy is still hemorrhaging jobs.

TPM on the progressives

Budget jitters

While I’m glad we’ve avoided the kind of meltdown in California and now, apparently, Arizona, I’m feeling some jitters reading this budget.
Lots of ‘kicking it downstairs” action for starters.
The whole thing feels kinda hinky. (pdf here)
If you want some dry text and fast numbers read the money report. Brutal and, like I said, not quite plumb somehow.
Sorry to be vague, but it’s a lot to read.