Allred out

Cary Allred has sent a letter to Speaker Hackney saying Monday is his last day in office.
Story here.
Laura Leslie has a really intense interview.
Speaker Joe Hackey issued this statement this afternoon:

“I appreciate Rep. Allred’s years of service to this state and will remember him as a staunch advocate for the people of Alamance County. I wish him well in his retirement.”

A scandal in retrospect

I think when we look back at the last decade or so of politics in this state, we’ll remember most the corruption – the downfall of the speaker, the ag secretary and now the ex-post facto governor scandal. What makes this era different is that this is not machine politics at work. These are simply bad actors at a time when the system is easily abused and abuse overly tolerated.
This is a particularly dirty era in the game. And not enough people willing to say so.

Dear Grads

I guess if you kinda read between the lines of all these commencement speeches the meta-message for all you members of the Class o’ Ought Nine is that your new skills, your sense of adventure and discover and your unbridled enthusiasm mixed with your inventiveness and technological know how is pretty much going to have to be focused on cleaning up the big frickin’ mess that’s been made of this state/country/economy/planet.
Here’s a shovel.
See you in the ditch.
And good luck.

Not necessarily the news

Dear Mr. Editor,
I am not interested in the least whether or not Miss California keeps her and I certainly don’t need a teaser for it on the front page of a morning newspaper in a state thousands of miles away. You must be watching too much television. Or something.
If I want to watch Entertainment Tonight or some other crap I shall do so. Please don’t feel you need to help me keep up with pap.


Jobs and people

Please don’t fall into the trap of yaking about:
– How Obama is not getting credit now that the market is coming back;
– That the rate of job losses going down is a sign the economy is coming back;
– That the market has bounced back and the banks look better;
The unemployment rate in this county is 8.9 percent. There is still a lot of unraveling yet to be felt. And a lot of permanent losses to absorb.
For the most part each lost job represents a significant moment in the life of some individual. Last month nonfarm payroll dropped by 539,000. Since December 2007 when the recession began, more than 5.7 million jobs have been lost.
So, cool the happy talk just because the Dow passed 8500. At this point, that’s one number that’s pretty meaningless.