Poll shows presidential race getting tighter

Via TPM, via PPP:

Another poll shows a very close race in North Carolina, a state that hasn’t voted Democratic since 1976 — suggesting yet again that Barack Obama could be on the cusp of dramatically expanding the map for Dems.

The new numbers from Public Policy Polling (D): McCain 47%, Obama 44%, and Barr 3%, with a ±3.4% margin of error. Four weeks ago, it was McCain 45%, Obama 41%, and Barr 5%.

Here’s the link to Tom Jensen’s blog that’s mentioned in the story.

re: N&O op-eds

Memo from a longtime reader:
First, let me just say that Bill Kristol is an idiot who makes stuff up.
Second, could you add a regular columnist to the op-ed page who is not a member of the nearly all-male glee club from the NYT and WaPo? There are a number of good writers out there, some of whom happen to be actual women.
Third, David Broder and Mo Dowd do not count as liberal balance.
You’re playing two kinds of music here – country and western. So, you’ve got far right, right and center-right views covered. Bravo. Where’s the rest of us?

Morning Post

Report from U.S. Elections:
No one is listening anymore to what others have to say.
Everyone is shouting over each other.
Truth is optional.
120 days to go.