Sunday Morning Post: lection season edition


Good morning. ‘lection season and all. But first:
– Got a tropical storm and maybe a hurricane off the coast.
– Meanwhile back at the legislature, it’s all about H1761. My take. Fitszimon.
– Here’s a read via WSJ— Bizarre story out of Jonesville.

State races:
– Gov — Perdue and Moore already has the feel of a heavyweight contest with slow, close-in slugging; Smith/Graham/Orr can’t hardly raise a nickle these days.
– Senate — Everyone appears to be waiting for the end of the federal filing period.
– Mike McIntyre’s getting a challenger. 04 story on Breazeal’s recruiting work for the Reserves.
Fred’s ahead according to PPP
Pearce & Wrenn on fundraising for Perdue & Moore;
– Dome notes that Fetzer Stephens is making a bundle off Bill Graham (the lawyer from Salisbury, not the beloved evangelist);
IHT on Holliman’s surgery, McAlister’s fine and the Tire company stuff;

If I wasn’t home typing I’d be watching Chimney Swifts in Asheville.