Sunday Morning Post

Sleeping weather at last!

– After seeing the fight just over a high risk insurance pool here, Universal Health Care seems so pie-in-the-sky. Of course, its really the only way out of this screwed up system and, well, I like pie.
MoveOn outta here — McCain gets all Love it or Leave it.
– More benefits of Global Warming new shipping lanes
Reuters: Investment adviser asks if wealth are necessary
Round these here parts:
-WSJ explains why Darryl Hunt ended up in prison for 18 years for a crime he did not commit.
– Rob delves in on Walter Jones alleged apostasy on the Iraq war
– Wow. Hoover is ga-ga over Bill Graham and says Tom Fetzer told him Graham’s leading Moore and Perdue in the polls. Here’s a taste starting with the positives of using your own money to campaign:

He has already spent $2.3 million of his own money getting the message out and he continues to gain popularity.
He is young and handsome, too, and that counts more than many people might think.

Okeeh. Dome got an update on the polls. It was a misquote. Um, yeah. So any guesses when the good people of Dunn going to learn that?

Facing South: NC becomes a model in how not to do energy policy
– If you haven’t been following this Haw River Park story, hop over to Ed’s place where he’s been keeping up with things.
Biodiesel plant draws flak