Moser ain’t whistling past nothing

In The Nation, Bob Moser gets his licks in on the trendy idea of Dems running against the South:

As a species of Democratic defeatism, this approach can hardly be topped. And for all the charts and graphs that accompany such strategic chess games, calls for a non-Southern strategy are rooted in cultural stereotypes.

He quotes Southern Studies Chris Kromm:

It ain’t wise, and it ain’t right. I can’t say it better than Chris Kromm, director of the liberal Institute for Southern Studies in Durham, North Carolina. “For Democrats to turn their back on a region that half of all African-Americans and a growing number of Latinos call home, a place devastated by Hurricane Katrina, plant closings, poverty and other indignities–in short, for progressives to give up on the very place where they could argue they are needed most–would rightfully be viewed as a historic retreat from the party’s commitment to justice for all.”