Morning Post: Bonds a comin’

Looks like 2008 is shaping up to be a big year for a bond referendum. Already there are efforts to build the case for bond money to fund the Land for Tomorrow effort, and President Bowles and the UNC System Board of Governors continue to talk about “Bond II”–some kind of followup to the $3.1 billion approved by voters in the last millennium.
Now, a coalition of school and business leaders have combined to push for bonds for school construction. According to a Charlotte Observer story, the group says local governments and lottery money aren’t enough to cover the $9.8 billion in construction needs:

According to some estimates, the state will need 266 new schools and 4,900 more class rooms over the next five years to keep up with increasing enrollment. There are 7000 mobile classrooms in the state now, housing 178,000 students.

Couple/three/four questions:
– A lot of other states on the grow are reconfiguring their state/local tax mix to keep property taxes from skyrocketing over school construction. In addition to the bond, will there be a change in NC tax policy and the roles of counties and the state in school construction;
– There is still very little money to help charter schools with capital needs–will they get a piece of the action?;
– There’s alot of evidence supporting small schools, will we see see any discussion about architecture and education or are we talking approx. 266 fully-outfitted behemoths?
– I know it’s not proper to say so anymore, but isn’t it true that some of those 7000 mobile classrooms actually are trailers?

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  1. PatrickMchenry says:

    how many people in North Carolina do we have living in Moble Homes/Trailers. Do you thank they care??

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