Edwards rally in Chapel Hill: Where is the America We All Believe in?


Pretty big rally on the green just south of Chapel Hill tonight. A long wait (never known a political rally to start on time). Couple of quick notes on Edwards and his themes:
Get involved. He promised a “very different campaign” that takes action now. “Take action to change America. . .We’ve got to take it by the horns and bring the change America needs.”

Restore the country’s moral leadership.
“Where is the America we all believe in?”

Called for the country to lead again in respect for individual rights and liberties.
Here’s the clip.

(mov version)

On the war:
“I say to all of you, I reject categorically any escalation of this war.”
Says he rejects this “McCain Doctrine” of a surge in troops.
Says, we need to make it clear to the Iraqis that we are leaving.
“Best way to make that clear is start leaving.”

Spoke out on Darfur, Uganda and AIDS in Africa. On the lack of AIDS drugs to prevent mothers from passing it on to their children; “How can the richest nation stand by and watch this happen.”

Called on the country to kick the foreign oil addiction, to change our habits, to do something about Global Warming on a personal level.

Called for moral leadership through universal health care, fighting poverty, by allowing workers to organize. “If anyone can join the Republican Party just by signing a card, they should be able to join a union the same way.”

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