Morning Post: Cool, Crisp, Saturday edition


Just a reminder that it is OK to vote now.

Mountain of cash from NC-11 and other campaign fund breakdowns
Selling Dix? Or parking it?
– Blue in the House
– Binker spells it out: First, win
– Ed Cone sets up Maryam Scoble’s interview with E Edwards
– New Char-O poll on J Edwards
– Fall color from the Cit-Times
– Money has an uncany nose
Ballot issues as a driver for Dem votes
– Latest polls, poll junkies
– Coming to a radar screen near you: Full scale rebellion in Oaxaca

Dohl: Liddy’s fortunes

Liddy’s to lose
The fight for control for the U.S. Senate is a close call. Last week, a sudden decline in GOP spending suggested that fortunes had shifted in Ohio, which, along with Missouri and Tennessee, constituted the GOP’s firewall. Should the Senate swing Democratic, expect the grousing about Liddy Dole to expand with gusto. Dole, who has spent more time in Montana than Salisbury this year, has already been roundly criticized for slow fund-raising.

Her debate with Chuck Schumer yesterday (Oct. 25) at the National Press club is on the C-Span homepage. She talks about Iraq, redefines Stay the Course and issues a scary warning about Iran. “Are we now going to give them the perfect situation by leaving Iraq before we’re finished?” she asks. A few seconds later she laments that Iraq is being used by the Democats as a “political football” and trots out a stability-of-the-world argument. She also notes that the president is not on the ballot.
Early 2007 will be shakeout time for challengers
The nascent vincibility of Liddy will likely cause the campaign to unseat her to kick into high gear. Speculation in this area always surrounds the intentions of Gov. Easley and Attorney General Roy Cooper, who announced in July he would seek re-election and not run for governor. But there’s also talk about Greensboro state Rep. Pricey Harrison and State Treasurer Richard Moore, who has been lining up a bid for governor mansion. Moore may just decide that taking on Lt. Governor Beverly Perdue in a primary will be a heck of a lot harder than going head to head with Liddy in the general.

State puts the brakes on EQ Apex plant

This afternoon, the state’s Division of Waste Managment suspended EQ’s permit to bring in waste. They’ll still be allowed to do the cleanup, though.
DENR’s Apex Web site
Apex’s latest EQ statement

Here’s the release on the state’s suspension order (

New Waste Shipments Halted Until Further Notice
RALEIGH — N.C. Division of Waste Management officials today suspended until further notice hazardous waste storage at EQ Industrial Services in Apex, the site of a fire earlier this month. Under this order, EQ will not be permitted to bring or accept any additional hazardous or non-hazardous wastes of any type onto the site for storage, treatment or any other purpose for the duration of the order. EQ will still be allowed to continue clean-up from the Oct. 5 fire.
Because the facility and its hazardous waste management units were damaged in the fire, DWM determined that EQ is not able to manage hazardous waste in compliance with its permits and rules. There are also concerns about the facility’s containment structures and the state cannot be assured that any new waste that enters the facility will be stored and secured appropriately.
Provisions of the Order of Immediate Suspension of Provisions of Hazardous Waste Management Permit include:
– EQ is not allowed to bring any waste of any type to the EQ facility for storage, treatment or any other purpose.
– EQ is ordered not to accept any additional hazardous waste for storage or treatment at the facility for the duration of the order.
– EQ shall not accept any additional non-hazardous solid waste or household hazardous waste for collection, storage, treatment, disposal or management at the EQ facility prior to obtaining a permit that would allow those activities.
– EQ shall remove all non-hazardous solid waste or household hazardous waste from the facility in accordance with the DWM-approved cleanup.
– No construction, repairs or alterations of any kind shall take place at the EQ facility unless DWM has determined that the permit should be modified to provide for additional or different permit conditions to ensure that rebuilding and resuming operations at the EQ facility will not pose a threat to human health or the environment.
Decisions about the status of the permit and any future operations will be made following a complete assessment of contamination existing on-site, a complete assessment of facility containment structures, and a complete investigation into
the cause of the incident.
The order also restricts access to the site to only those activities necessary to implement the cleanup, assessment and remediation of the site and regulatory oversight of those activities. DWM is also requiring EQ to provide on-site security
24 hours a day, seven days a week, until further notice.
More information about the state’s response and actions concerning the EQ site, cleanup and monitoring can be found online at

Absolutely shocking

Apparently, a company named Halliburton has not spent our tax dollars in an effective way. To top it off, something called a U.S. Congress failed to do anything about it. Even stranger, a member of this congress-thing was openly critical of the government.

“Halliburton was given a blank check by the Bush Administration and the Republican Congress did nothing to stop the hemorrhaging of taxpayer dollars,” said Rep. Henry A. Waxman (D-Calif.), a frequent Halliburton critic, in a statement.

Oh well, at least the stock price is doing well.

Halliburton stock jumped $1.58 yesterday, to close at $30.84 after news that the company had beaten Wall Street’s expectations for third-quarter revenue and profit.

Morning Post: blah, blah, blah edition

Millions are flowing into key races including NC-11. So, if you get a phone survey asking if you ever saw Heath Shuler and Saddam Hussein in the same room, know that it’s just your friendly RNCC attack machine taking a poll.
– Independents are breaking to the Dems.
– How about changing it to Stay the Worse?
Sick man on Michael J. Fox
– A little perspective from TPM

Morning Post: A here we go now

You can vote now, so go do it. Really.

Early voting is one of the great advances of the 21st century. Enjoy it. Back in the last millennium, we used to have a thing called Election Day. When I wrote for a bi-weekly paper, Election Day nights–ahead of the Wednesday edition–were rip-roaring. But the rule for stories in the Sunday issue prior to the election was strictly by the book–name, rank and serial number. When I started, everyone on the staff hated writing those stories. So, so for a dozen or so primaries, elections and referendums running, I got to pen such riveting pieces as “Orange County ballot features 27 contests” and “Primary offers full ballot of local and statewide races.”

Even though the stories seemed like little more than lists, there was a heck of lot more information in them than the ballot. (And, let’s face it; most people go into the booth woefully unprepared.) My personal rule was that in addition to name and office sought, everyone got at least one descriptive phrase. Even odd people who could not be found. It was a hard thing to do actually–assign a short description to a stranger or, harder still, somebody you’d watch work for years. And, all the time, you’re shooting for fairness; not shying away from the truth, but nothing gratuitous. Try it sometime.

Meanwhile, enjoy the internets:

– The Char-O reports on a lovely land deal and some political donors
N&O writes the dog don’t hunt story
– Great Citizen-Times story on history of The Ritz–once the meeting place for a secret African-American benevolent society
ACLU suing Asheville over march
– Couple of good editorials about the new report that details the lack of internal auditors in the state
– Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton offers a good breakdown of judicial races