Landfill Moratorium

A bill on a fast track (through the Senate at least) calls for a moratorium on new landfills–the timeout that environmentalists and many in the General Assembly want so we can decide if we want to be a leading importer of garbage. The moratorium is opposed–feverishly in some cases–by NCCBI and the waste industry.

One solid (waste) point in early discussion is that this state is growing. So why should we be dedicating landfills for out-of-state trash.

If you really want to hear some doubletalk check out this statement at the Senate Ag hearing this morning by an industry lobbyist. Counties, he said, have had ample opportunity and have decided to enhance their local communities via these landfills. This is right after the Brunswick County Manager got up and explained how the public process has been circumvented. Also, apparently, there is something called a “modern landfill” which is inffalible. How nice.

Here’s some background on how these landfills are going to “protect the environment.” Like, the one in the Dismal Swamp. As someone noted during debate, these aren’t in the coastal plain, they’re in the tidal regions.
Even those nasty blogger-types are beating up on the poor waste industry.
Audio: Well paid lobbyist makes a plea for mega-landfills 

Lots of good citizen input on this at the hearing including this speech by Frank Warren of Greene County. As Sally Greene notes the man shoots straight.

Audio: Citizen Frank Warren says pass the landfill moratorium

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  1. kmr says:

    Thanks. Can’t help it–it’s all the rage in Raleigh. Sen. Rand moved to put it on the calendar for Thursday. We’ll see what the House does.

  2. Betsy Summerville says:

    This dump will not be located in the Town of Navassa. It will be located in an area satellite annexed surrounded by many residences that are not Navassa residents and have no voting power. Navassa has two excellent roads exiting their town, they will not even have to travel the road in which they are trying to locate this environmentally unsave landfill.

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