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Speaking the second time on his amendment to the House budget , Rep. William Wainwright of Craven County cut through the veneer and put his colleagues on notice that they had fallen short, just as the state has fallen short when it comes disadvantaged and low performing students.

His amendment specified that some of the money the state’s sending back to school systems in the House budget would be directed toward the education of the above mentioned students.

Here’s the scene for the speech: Wainwright, who is on the Finance Committee and not Appropriations, has been told by introducing the change he’s rocking the boat and messing with school system’s “local control.” But the amendment has its supporters, including Finance co-chair Rep. Paul Luebke, who defended Wainwright’s right to introduce the measure and Rep. Bernard Allen, who, like Wainwright, cited the state’s dismal track record. As he makes his final appeal, Wainwright has just been asked by Appropriations co-chair Rep. William Owens to wait and push for the idea once’s the budget goes into conference.

Audio: Rep. William Wainwright speaking on an amendment to the House budget June 15, 2006

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